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AATL Autumn Season 2023 Week 1 Round Up - Axe Throwing League Brisbane

Our Autumn Season League Members were not messing around last night!

Our first night of our axe throwing league in Brisbane, Cleveland was nothing short of incredible.

It was exciting, nerve-wracking, and full of laughs. It was an epic battle between our newer leaguers and our seasoned throwers.

Last Season's Grand Champion Winner, Wombat came into the 1st match with nothing to lose and everything to prove, getting a Diamond, Doubletap AND his HERO shot in the 1st game of the season, giving him a minus 8 to start the night and the season out!

Not wanting to let him linger in the winner’s circle for too long, Wilaxe came in fighting and spent the night doing his absolute best to catch up to Wombat!

Seeing some old faces come back into the mix was so exciting and we're all so pumped for this season.

Our favourite helper, "Fletcher has just begun throwing his 1st AATL season after being an extremely impressive scorekeeper for the last few seasons, and we're so excited to see how he goes.

We're sure he'll do his best to keep at his Mumma' "Bohemian Axody's toes nice and closely!

We welcomed some new faces into our axe fam, and are so excited to see them progress throughout the season!

As the night wore on, and everyone was well and truly, “warmed up” things just got better and better. There were some near-misses and some unforgettable throws. A crazy mixture of elation and frustration, the type that only an axe thrower would understand.

Seeing this crazy bunch of people from all walks of life come together and encourage, scream, and shout, high five and boost each other throughout the night is the biggest and best reminder to us for why we run this league.

It’s like a gentle pat on the back for us to go home with at the end of the night, and we appreciate each one of you!

But let's talk about the scores. There were some impressive results. Bohemian Axody emerged as the top scorer, followed by Wilaxe, and then Wombat… Yes, Wilaxe finally caught him, only just, but they finished on 76 & 83, so next week will be interesting!

But that doesn't matter as much as the fact that everyone had fun.

Axe throwing brought out the best in everyone, and we all had a blast. We wrapped up the night feeling like champions, our axes still in hand, our minds racing with plans for Sunday’s practise session and next week's battle. It was an amazing start to our league, and I'm confident that we'll only get better from here. Who knows, we might even recruit more members along the way. I can't wait for our next league night. To all our axe-mates, you're amazing. Thank you for an unforgettable night of throwing and fun. See you all at practise!


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