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Do you have what it takes to become our next
Axe League Champion in 2023?
Starts 5th October 2023

Make some new friends and learn a new sport!
Here's all the info you need to signup to the next 13 Axes League Season!
  • 8 Week Season and Final Presentation & Playoffs Day

  • Thursday night league night each week of the season

  • Sunday Practise Session each week of the league season

  • $60 Registration fee and $40 weekly gets you over 30 hours of axe throwing throughout the season!

  • Total cost is $380

  • 1x Private Coaching Session

  • Trophies,Prizes,Vouchers AND Cash, Pizza and theme nights!

  • 3 Official AATL judges

What You Need To Know!

Official Season begins on Thursday 5th October 2023

  • New League members arrival time - 5:30pm (to allow time for signup and safety briefing)

  • The First Sunday Practise session for 2023 AATL Season is Sunday 1st October 2023 from 12:30pm

    • Please note, anyone wanting to participate in this Practise Session must pay League Registration and 1st week fees, total $100

  • League Theme Night (Theme to be advised) Thursday 6th November 2023 Week 6

  • League Presentation & Playoffs date - Sunday 26th November 2023 from 4:30pm


League Frequently Asked Questions
How long is an AATL Season?
Each 13 Axes AATL season lasts 8 weeks plus 1 additional day in week 9 for League Presentation & Grand Champion Playoffs.
How Much Does It Cost?
$380 per person for 1 season - this includes Thursday night competition, and 1 hour practise session on Sundays each week of the season.
What time is it?
League warmup starts at 6:30pm on each Thursday night and matches begin at 7pm.
What if I don't have a throwing axe?
13 Axes provides professional throwing axes for use throughout league season, however if you have your own axe, you are more than welcome to bring it along. It must comply with the AATL Axe Regulations, which can be obtained directly from 13 Axes.
13 Axes staff will have to inspect and approve your axe prior to you being allowed to use it inside of the venue.  

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