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shaken not slurred
13 Axes is a 100% ZERO Alcohol venue

There is PLENTY of places to drink in the Redlands if you’re looking for an alcohol fuelled adventure,

BUT ….

How many places can you visit and enjoy where alcohol isn’t the top of the tier?

At 13 Axes in Cleveland, you can still enjoy some amazing cocktails, craft beers and wines, just minus the alcohol and adding the extra excitement of some AXES!

Our Coffee & Cocktail Bar has a large selection of alcohol-free beers, wines and spirits to choose from as well as some delicious Cocktails all made with our 0% alcohol spirits range!

13 Axes offers snacks and chocolates, packets of potato chips and varying cookies & muffins.

We prefer to concentrate on the fun and excitement of throwing axes and leave the gourmet food options to the many restaurants that surround us. You'll find plenty of options for all taste buds all within a 10 min radius of 13 Axes, Cleveland.

We're only a short stroll away from the Raby Bay Marina, and Cleveland Town Centre which has an abundance of options to choose from.

We do not allow outside Food & Drinks to be bought into the venue, this includes drink/ water bottles.

Snacks & Chocolates available

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