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The Smashed Inn Rage Rooms - available to 12+ ONLY.

Standard Rage Room Experience - $40 per person, includes a full safety briefing.

Celebrating a birthday or just wanting to get out of the house then 13 Axes is the safest and most exciting way to let off some steam in a fun, and most importantly, SAFE environment.

What’s Included?

Everything you need to unleash your inner beast and smash your stress away.

• Facemasks to protect your pretty face

• Cut Proof Gloves to keep your hands intact

• Coveralls to avoid the mess

• Boots to keep your toes nice and safe

PLUS – Your crate of smashables!

Each crate contains 25 random items to destroy AND 1 colour bomb shot to make a splash!

30 minutes of pure adrenaline!

Want more?

No problem. You can add on as many items as you want on the day.

Available add-on stock will change daily.

You choose how you play!

*Each person must have their own crate of smashables.

*All participants must be a minimum of 12 +. All minors require an adult to accompany them and to sign their waiver on their behalf. 

Anyone under 18 years old must provide a Student ID card or proof of age card. This is a condition of entry.

The Smashed Inn Ragers Gallery

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