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Alcohol Free Axe Throwing at 13 Axes in Cleveland, Brisbane

Why we chose to stick with the Alcohol Free Space for our venue! 13 Axes has a delicious range of alcohol free beers, wines, spirits and cocktails!

man standing at bar holding drink tray of cocktails
Owner & Head Axeman, Jason - 13 Axes Axe Throwing Australia

At 13 Axes Axe Throwing in Cleveland, we are proud to provide our customers with a vibrant, enjoyable and, most importantly, safe Alcohol Free Space.

As a venue, we wanted to create an atmosphere that encourages everyone to let loose and enjoy their night without the pressure of having to consume alcohol. With a wide range of alcohol-free drinks to choose from, we know that there is something to appeal to everyones tastes.

Whether you want to sip on an alcohol free beer, a fruity cocktail or something that has been expertly crafted to replicate a classic spirit or cocktail - you will find it all at 13 Axes.

We think that our selection of delicious drinks will make the perfect accompaniment to any social occasion and our staff are always on hand to make sure that everyones experience is enjoyable. We also offer other refreshments and soft drinks for those who can't find anything that takes their fancy.

"Vodka, Tequila, Absinthe, Gin, Rum, Bourbon, Whisky - We have a Alc Free version of all your favourite spirits!"

At 13 Axes, our mission is to ensure that everyone feels safe and can have an enjoyable time with us - and our alcohol free space ensures that we can meet this mission.

Ready to give Axe Throwing a red hot crack in a fun and safe environment? Click here to Book a session!


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