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There’s a reason 13 Axes Indoor Mini Golf in Cleveland, is fast becoming Redlands Coast locals favourite place to hang out!

Welcome to our Indoor Mini Golf adventure, a fantastic local family-owned and operated business!

We're here to sprinkle joy and entertainment for kids and adults of all ages.

Fun? You bet!

Picture this: 13 extraordinary and mind-bending holes that are the ultimate way to light up your next Play Date, Birthday extravaganza, Date Night, Game Night, or any other excuse to celebrate that pops into your head!

And if you're drawing a blank on why you should come, fret not!

No fancy excuses needed.

Just swing by and join the fun at 13 Axes Mini Golf for the sheer thrill of it!


Here's the kicker - our Indoor Mini Golf course is an all-weather wonderland. Rain or shine, you're good to go! Plus, it's an all-ages delight.

We've got golf clubs to suit the tiniest of mini golfers.

Get ready to tee off on an unforgettable Mini Golf journey with us!

Unleash your inner Tiger Woods during an epic round of indoor Mini Golf at
13 Axes Axe Throwing
in Clevel
and, Brisbane.

Are you ready to navigate our 13 Axes Indoor Mini Golf course? Come and check out our custom-built mini golf holes that will challenge both adults and little ones alike.

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